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Perfect Glazing Glasgow Best Front Doors Manufacturers

Choosing the right front door transforms your home, and in Glasgow, UK, several top manufacturing companies have been crafting high-quality doors with style, security, and energy efficiency. In this regard, Perfect Glazing also counts as a remarkable brand with the best front door manufacturers.

We’ll discuss the best front door manufacturing companies in Glasgow, UK, dive into their pros and cons, what products they offer, provide tips for selecting the best front door manufacturers, and argue how Perfect Glazing is best for you!

Let’s explore together!

Best Front Doors Manufacturing Companies In Glasgow: 

Indeed, Glasgow is a vibrant area in Scotland known for its culture and scenery, while nearby places like Linlithgow, Livingston, and Bathgate also make West Lothian stunning, if you live in West Lothian and want a front-door manufacturing service that matches your home’s style, don’t worry there are plenty of options. 

Below, we have mentioned the top 08 front-door manufacturing companies that you can easily find in Glasgow. Each one narrates its unique description.

  1. Perfect Glazing
  2. The uPVC Company
  3. The Door Store
  4. The Door Factory
  5. Custom-built Joinery Limited
  6. Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems
  7. Southside Window Systems
  8. LKC Locksmiths Glasgow

Perfect Glazing


They have double glazed PVC windows, casements, tilt, turn, slide, or sash windows, patio and French doors, composite doors in various colours, and conservatories.


They offer manufacturing windows and doors and a showroom for browsing.


The Perfect Glazing Group in Glasgow specialises in high-quality double Glazed PVC windows and doors and introduces numerous products, such as casement, tilt-and-turn, slide-and-sash windows, Patio, French, and Composite doors in different colours.

They are also located at Dixon Blazes Industrial Estate, and their showroom allows customers to explore their extensive selection firsthand. Furthermore, they prioritise fast manufacturing times, provide flexible finance options like Buy Now Pay Later and interest-free plans over 12, 24, or 36 months, and make home upgrades accessible.

In addition, this brand offers durable, high-quality products with a 10-year guarantee. They’re known for reliability in Scotland’s double-glazing industry and serve retail and trade clients with insulation, security, and aesthetics solutions.

Wide range of high-quality windows and doors.Limited colour options.
Showroom for hands-on browsing.The showroom location is not easily accessible to everyone.
Fast lead times and flexible finance options. Financing options may require eligibility checks.
10-year industry-standard guarantee.  

The UPVC Company


They have uPVC windows with advanced glass technology and uPVC doors in a wide range of styles, including French, patio, and Bifold.


They offer Installation of UPVC windows and doors across Central Scotland, Skilled fitting by experienced professionals, and Reliable after-sales support and satisfaction guarantee.


The UPVC Company began with a mission to offer high-quality UPVC windows and doors at fair prices, challenging industry norms of inflated costs. Founded by Jim McGill with support from the Prince’s Trust, it has grown into one of Scotland’s largest installers. 

Also, their products are crafted using advanced technology and meet British Standards for safety and efficiency. Moreover, they emphasize customer satisfaction with a guarantee and a commitment to quality and are backed by a skilled team ensuring smooth installations and comprehensive after-sales service.

High-quality UPVC windows and doors.Limited aesthetic customisation.
Fair pricing strategy.Potential installation delays.
Strong commitment to customer satisfaction and service.
They have a Skilled installation team. 
It is Established as one of Scotland’s largest installers.

The Door Store:


They have external, never-painted-again French, pine, sliding, uPVC doors and designer door handles.


They offer Door Hanging and Fitting, Joinery, Manufacturing, Paint Stripping, Delivery, and Door Varnishing.


The Door Store offers customised front doors with a wide selection and free quotes at home. Also, they cater to unique preferences in colour, size, and style and provide designer door handles. 

Their services include bespoke joinery, door varnishing at £25 for four coats, and paint stripping. Note they are closed on Sundays, and there have been customer complaints about poor service at their showroom.

Free home visits and quotes.Closed Sundays.
Wide selection of front door types.Unfriendly Staff.
They have Customisable doors.
Joinery services to complement door manufacturing. 
They have Designer door handles.
Paint stripping and door varnishing services.

The Door Factory:


They have Designer Door Handles and External, Never Paint Again, French, Pine, Sliding, uPVC, Bespoke, and Composite Doors.


They offer door hanging and fitting, joinery, manufacturing, and delivery.


The Door Factory offers convenient home visits and quotes across Scotland. They specialise in low-maintenance Never Paint Again uPVC doors. They also feature a wide selection of sliding doors suitable for front and patio use, ideal for small spaces or those who love natural light. 

They regularly provide promotions and offer additional services like joinery and fitting, which is why customers have noted long delivery times exceeding six weeks and have expressed dissatisfaction with the in-store service, which influences their decision to purchase.

Free home visits and quotes.Delayed Deliveries.
Specialises in Never Paint Again doors.Unfriendly Sales Staff.
Offers a variety of sliding doors.
Regularly features promotions and offers. 
Provides door hanging, fitting, and joinery services.

Custom-built Joinery Limited:


They have a double storm, timber, and uPVC Doors.


They offer door installation, joinery, and finishing.


The Custombuilt Joinery Limited is a top choice for those considering a new front door, as they offer free quotes to help plan your budget and specialise in custom-built storm front doors, tailored to various sizes, styles, and budgets, with options including glazing, leaded designs, stained glass, sandblasted features, and etched details.

Moreover, security-conscious customers can opt for multi-point locking systems for added protection, and they also provide an extensive online gallery for convenient browsing from home, showcasing clear images of their door styles and finishes.

However, they are closed on weekends, which may inconvenience those with weekday commitments, and their selection is limited compared to other shops as they don’t have French doors.

Free Quotes are available to them.Closed weekends.
They Specialise in storm front doors.Limited door selection.
They have a wide range of door finishes.
They install multi-point locking systems. 
Their extensive gallery with clear door images is useful.

Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems:


They have Bespoke Bifold, sliding, uPVC, and smart designer doors.


They offer door fittings, installations, and delivery.


The Bespoke Bifolds & Glazing Systems in Glasgow offers a showroom displaying quality bifold, sliding, and Smart designer doors. They also provide online quotes based on submitted measurements and specialize in bespoke bifold doors known for their sliding panel design.

Furthermore, their Smart Designer doors are noted for security features like resistance to pressure and enhanced weather protection. While appointments are available on Sundays, they do not offer free home visits and have a limited door selection, focusing primarily on bi-fold doors.

However, inexperienced technicians have reported customer dissatisfaction regarding installations, resulting in damaged, expensive doors with unresolved issues.

Bright and spacious showroom.No free home visits.
Free online quotes.Limited range of doors.
Specialises in bespoke bifold doors.Reports of faulty installations.
Offers Smart Designer doors. 
Sunday meetings by appointment only.

Southside Window Systems:


They have composite, Palladio, uPVC, and patio Doors.


They offer door repairs and delivery.


The Southside Window System in Glasgow is highly regarded for front doors, with 85% of customers coming from word-of-mouth referrals. Also, they offer quick quotes within half an hour, ideal for busy schedules without needing home visits.

Their standout feature is the Palladio door collection, which has been unique since its creation in 2008 and appeals to those seeking distinctive entrance doors. Moreover, the company boasts skilled fitters with at least ten years of experience who ensure top-quality installation and repair services.

However, their door selection is limited, with options like French, aluminum, or bifold doors missing. In addition, there have also been customer complaints about missed appointments that cause inconvenience.

Established in 1997.Missed scheduled bookings.
85% word-of-mouth customers.Limited front door selection.
Quotes in half an hour.
Unique Palladio doors. 
Fitters with 10+ years of experience.
Door repair services.

LKC Locksmiths Glasgow:


They have an emergency locksmith, uPVC doors and windows, electronic locks, and Keypads.


They only offer emergency locksmith service.


LKC Locksmiths Glasgow is a family-run business that offers 24-hour locksmith services and uPVC door or window repairs. They specialise in uPVC door repairs and electronic locks, which are best for repairs but not for buying new doors. They serve Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire, and nearby areas.

They offer 24/7 services.Mainly focus on repairs only.
UPVC door repair experts.
Serve multiple areas. 

Tips For Choosing The Best Company:

The Criteria for how we picked the above companies are as follows;

  1. First, You need to evaluate the variety and quality of front doors offered to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.
  2. Then, You should look into the company’s experience and the skills of its installers to ensure reliable craftsmanship.
  3. After that, check for additional services such as consultations, warranties, and after-sales support that enhance your door installation experience.
  4. At last, assess how promptly and effectively the company addresses customer needs to ensure that it performs a smooth and satisfactory process from start to finish.

Why Choose Perfect Glazing?

The Perfect Glazing fits best on the above criteria for choosing the best front door manufacturers:

First, they offer a wide range of high-quality PVC windows and doors in various styles and sizes. They also provide skilled installation, ensuring reliability with extensive industry experience.

Moreover, they offer free consultations, flexible finance options, and a 10-year guarantee, enhancing the installation experience. They are also known for prompt and effective service, prioritizing customer satisfaction from start to finish.


What is the average cost of a front door?

A basic white uPVC door costs around £300, unglazed composite doors range from £800 to £1,200, and glazed options are priced between £750 and £1,100.

What’s the average duration for installing a door?

Usually, installing an exterior door takes around 5 to 6 hours, including removing the old one.

What type of front door costs the most?

Wooden doors typically represent the priciest option among entrance doors.

Which type of door has the longest lifespan?

Steel entry doors are the longest-lasting and withstand for almost up to 100 years.

What are the most secure front doors in the UK?

The composite doors are the most secure front doors in the UK.

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