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UPVC Doors Panels Replacement Process

Are your UPVC door panels showing signs of wear and tear, or perhaps it’s outdated or damaged over time? Do not worry, this article provides simple replacement instructions for your ease. Understanding why replacing is important and following a step-by-step setup process will ensure you feel confident in transforming your door with new panels. Let’s begin revitalising your space!  

How do you replace your UPVC door panels from the door? 

The best way to measure this is to remove the existing panel from the door.

The panels are usually held in place with removable beads. Usually located inside a house. The nature of the beads and the way they are fastened to the door may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Pick a putty knife or somewhat similar and insert it between the bead and door. Sometimes it’s hard. You would need to hit the putty knife softly with a nail hammer to drill it in.

After placing a pallet knife between the bead and the frame, lift the knife out to push the bead out.

Pull off all four beads and remove the panel. Measure the breadth, length, and wideness of it. Place the panel back into the spot and hammer the bead to secure it.

Note: it is a simple approach. Removing and inserting beads can sometimes be unwieldy. We do not take responsibility for any indemnities. This happens when trying to remove the panel. When in doubt, hire a qualified professional to do this for you.

Why Choose UPVC for Door Panels? 

UPVC is an excellent material for door panels. Unlike wood, it is durable and highly resistant to weathering, making UPVC doors durable and maintenance-free. You can easily wipe it with soapy water to keep it clean.

Also saves energy. Make your home comfortable all year round. And it helps you decrease your energy bills. Additionally, UPVC door panels are offered in a variety of colours, textures, and glass, so you may well modify them to match the style of your home. Overall, choosing UPVC for your door panel means durable, Easy maintenance, energy saving and personalised design options

UPVC Door Panels Replacement Cost in the UK:

There is currently no fixed price for UPVC doors as it depends on different models, designs, and door sizes. What sets UPVC door panels apart is the moulded panel design, decorative glass, and other components. That makes the door panel unique UPVC door panels generally start at £175 and increase depending on design, size, and colour. 

How to Measure you Door  Panels 

Width Specify the width in millimeters.maximum measurement = 750 mm
Height Gives the height value in millimetres. maximum measurement = 750 mm
Thickness We only offer panels in standard thicknesses of 20, 24 or 28 mm.

 Cost Breakdown of UPVC Door Panels :

Category Size Price without installation 
Harrow 595mm x 1595mmStart from £274
Newham 595mm x 1595mm£190
Leeds 595mm x 1595mm£177

The most popular model from UPVC door panel suppliers is the Harrow door panel, as it provides a luxurious look through its glass and moulded design. Harrow doors are very affordable and come in a variety of styles. You can also cut UPVC door panels to size to make the installation process easier.

Tips for Maintaining your UPVC Doors Panels and Windows:

  • Regular cleaning: Use mild detergent or soapy water to clean your panels regularly to avoid harsh cleansers to prevent damages. 
  • Lubricate moving parts: Keep hinges and locks lubricated with silicone spray for smooth operation.
  • Inspect weather stripping Check: eather seals often for wear and replace as needed to maintain efficiency 
  • Close gently: Avoid slamming your doors to prevent damages to panels and hinges
  • Pompt repairs: Address any issue like cracks or wrapping promptly to prevent further damages

The benefit of replacing UPVC Door Panels

Changing your old door with a UPVC door is a good choice. It offers plenty of  energy efficient advantages. Here is an effective way to enhance the value of your home by cutting down your maintnance expenses.

Energy efficiency:

UPVC doors are accpected to their outstanding lining properties. These could help your home look enhanced and protected.It keeps save your home against storm and heat emission in cold season. Over time, this can improve energy efficiency. In particular, our UPVC gates are protected with heat-reflective technology. 

This means our UPVC door panels have a heat-reflective surface which, when combined with an ultra-high density core, provides excellent insulation properties. 

Durability and Low Maintenance:

UPVC doors are climate, damp, and insect repellent.Unrelated old-style timber doors, they wouldn’t twist, decay, or have need of regular colour. UPVC doors only require an occasional wipe with warm soapy water.And fiber free fabric you could save repairs charges and time. Your UPVC door stays on good appearance for long period.

Long life:

UPVC doors are made from premium materials so they have a longer life than doors made from other materials. UPVC is rainproof and strong against routine bumps and scrapes. And still retains the original colour, so investing in durable UPVC doors means you won’t need to replace them as often. And also save your money. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

UPVC doors panels could enhance the creativity of your home. Potential buyers generally prefer modern, low-maintenance properties. This makes your property more attractive to the market. Find the perfect door with good features to give  look of your home.

Glass and Glazing options for your UPVC door 

Choosing the right glass for your UPVC door panel is important. Different types offer different advantages when it comes to appearance. Functionality and safety 

Double glazing is popular because it provides insulation that reduces heat loss and noise.

Frosted glass lets in light while protecting privacy. Ideal for entrances.

Decorative options such as stained glass or carved patterns can add elegance and style to your door panel. It recovers the whole look of your place.

When replacing UPVC door panels, choosing Perfect Glazing a reliable and competitively priced company is key in Glasgow, Scotland. It offers competitive prices based on factors such as panel size and customisation. This ensures you receive a fair offer upfront. Nothing unexpected happened later.

Can You Replace UPVC Door Panels Without Changing the Frame? 

A question we often get asked is, Is it possible to replace a UPVC door without changing the frame? And in short, yes! However, there are some reasons to look at first.

Frame Condition:

While this may be the easiest way to replace UPVC door panels without replacing the door frame, it all depends on the condition of your current door frame.If the door frame is intact and there is no serious damage. A new UPVC door can be installed over the door frame.

This is probably the efortless method to replace UPVC door panels without moving the frame, but it all depends on the current condition of the door frame.

However, if you notice rot or cracks in the door frame It is recommended to replace the entire piece. We suggest that you always pursue the guidance of a skilled installer.


Not all door and door frames are the same.it is crucial to make sure your new UPVC door panels match the size, design, and style of your current frame. Making sure the door and door frame not only look great but also reduces the risk of drafts and door closing issues.

Expert assessment:

Spending in a new door not only improves the looks of your space, but it is also responsible for safety. Therefore, we always recommend consulting a professional door installer when considering door replacement. 


Replacing a UPVC door panel is a simple process. That can add life to your home. Start by removing the existing panel using a putty knife. Remove the beads and secure the panel before attaching the new panel with beads.

Measure the panel size carefully. UPVC is an excellent choice for door panels because of its durability.By little upkeep charges and energy efficiency, there is a multiplicity of bespoke choices suitable for space. Costs vary, though.

Beginning from about £175, UPVC panels suggest stronger worth by improving energy efficiency and house beauty. For a smooth setting take the help of an expert.


Is it easy to replace UPVC doors?

Replacing a UPVC door is pretty simple for an expert DIY technician; however, if you’re not confident in your skills, it’s best to hire an expert.

Can you buy UPVC doors without frames?

Definitely! Many retailers offer a range of UPVC doors that can be purchased separately from the frame.

Can composite doors be installed over existing UPVC frames?

Composite doors can be installed into existing UPVC frames if the size and design of the door match the frame. However, you may need to make some adjustments or consult a specialist to ensure the best fit and performance.

Should the door frame or just the door be replaced?

This depends on the condition of the frame and the compatibility of the new door. You can swap a door if frame is in good situation and the new one is well-suited. But if the frame displays signs of distortion. Completely Change it.

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