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Casement Windows

Casement windows Glasgow

Homeowners demand elegant window styles that offer high thermal efficiency with low-upkeep. They also wish that their desirable windows be available in a range of types and colors to complement their home. Casement windows would definitely be their must-opt.

At Perfect Glazing, we offer you the top-notch quality casement windows at the most reasonable price in the UK. Casement windows would be a fit choice for your contemporary as well as traditional residential place. Because we offer you a range of classic and bold color windows in versatile styles and materials to match your taste.

What are the benefits of Casement Windows?

These windows are the oldest as well as most versatile window styles available in the UK. You will surely enjoy the following benefits if you order top-notch quality casement windows from Perfect Glazing.

Open out Windows

You can open these windows simply with a turn. You should install them above your kitchen sinks, so that you can open them easily for ventilation. 

Large sizes 

At perfect glazing, you can buy a casement window upto 8 ft tall. Moreover, you can open these tall windows fully to let the fresh air in.

Versatile style 

You can not only install for the traditional appearance but also for the contemporary look of your place. The sleek frames and high glass-to-frame ratio give your place a modern look.

Versatile materials 

You’ve a choice to choose frame material. Because these windows are available in upvc, aluminum, and timber materials for you.

Best for Hard-to-Reach Places

These windows are the best choice for you, if you want to install a window above your kitchen sink, or to get access to the balcony. Because you can open them easily with a turn.

Energy efficient windows 

We use top-notch quality material at Perfect glazing to make casement windows for you. So, our windows will keep your place warm during winters and cool during summers. Thus, you can save your energy bills by installing them.

Excellent Ventilation

These windows allow fresh air to enter your place. However, Perfect glazing offers you a good quality casement window to improve ventilation in your place.

Secure Multi-point Locking

At Perfect glazing, we care for your security and privacy. Firstly, we allow you to lock your casement windows at multiple points on the frame for your security. Additionally, your window will come with bolts and toughened glass panels to keep you comfortable in a secure room.


Almost endless customisation choices in terms of styles, materials,and colors are available for you with guarantee at Perfect Glazing.

Easy Cleaning Position

You can open these windows in an outward direction and also can clean them properly without any hassle.

Lockable in a Night Vent Position

You can lock them in a night vent position to maximize ventilation as well as entry of fresh air.

What are the different parts of a Casement Window?

Following are the parts of casement windows:

Window Frame, Sill and Casement 

Frame keeps the window in its destined place. It is usually made of upvc, aluminum, and wood material. Moreover, it has two parts; head and sill. Sill occupies the bottom of the window frame. Therefore, it is destined to keep water away from the frame. Casement is the window part that opens. It also keeps the double or triple glazing in its position. 

Mullion and Transom

Mullion is a vertical strip and it divides any window type such as aluminum,wood, or upvc into units. The transom is a horizontal strip and it divides the window into units.

Locking system along with Trickle Vent

A locking mechanism on the jamb is also available for your safety. It is located at the top which consists of a grip on the outside and a closing vent on the inside of the window.

Georgian and Astragal Bars 

Georgian bars are present inside the window and are horizontal or vertical bars. Basically, these bars divide your window into small square shaped panels. Astragal Bars are fitted at top of windows, both on inside and outside. They are applied on single glazing panels and are similar to Georgian bars.

What are the different materials available for Casement Windows?

Casement windows are not only available in upvc or wooden materials, but also in sleek aluminum frame for you.

  • In the UK, our most popular casement window type is the upvc casement. Because upvc materials offer a place A+ rated energy efficiency in a pocket-friendly price.
  • Perfect glazing offers you A-rated energy efficient wooden casement windows with 30-years guarantee.
  • You also have a mind-blowing choice to get slim, durable aluminum casement window frames available in a range of 200 RAL colors from Perfect Glazing at a reasonable price.

Where to install Casement Windows?

A casement window, also named as french window, is hinged on the side with either single or double panel. Therefore, you can open it just like a door.  Ideally, you can install them above sinks in your kitchen as well as to give access to your balcony. Additionally, it is the perfect choice for your modern or traditional place. Because they are available in upvc, aluminum and timber frames.

What are the different types of Casement Windows?

You’ve choice to select a casement window according to the suitability of your place.

Side hung 

It is the most prevalent casement window type. It is hinged on the window sides. So, you can open it in an outward direction.

Single casement 

It is a type of side hung casement window that consists of only one panel.

Double frame or french casement

It is a side hung casement window type that consists of two panels. Basically, you can open them in an outward direction using a central handle.

Top hung or awning window 

This casement window type is hinged at the top side. You can open it from the bottom. This has the advantage that it doesn’t allow water entry inside the room.

Bottom hung or hopper window 

It is hinged at the bottom side and swings outward from the upper side. It is a fit choice for your flat at top floors because it offers a safe opening.

Flush casement 

This window type appears as a flush in the closed window frames. In 2024, aluminum flush casement windows are becoming a popular choice of homeowners in the UK. Because it offers your place a stylish sleek appearance.

Fixed casement 

It doesn’t open at all. You can place these windows in the center of bay windows.

What do we deliver?

  • Superior-quality: Perfect Glazing is the best-leading casement window seller in the UK for a reason. Because at Perfect Glazing, we offer you top-notch quality, energy efficient, superior insulating casement windows at a pocket friendly price with 10-year guarantee.
  • Versatile customization choices: We also provide you with these windows in a range of exciting colors, superior-quality materials and latest styles. Our casement windows are the most popular among homeowners in the UK. Because we not only offer top-quality but also versatility in styles, colors, and materials. 
  • Pocket friendly price: You can match our price with other companies. Surely, you’ll find our products the most reasonable in the market.
  • Expert Installers: Perfect Glazing also offers you the facility of installation. Experienced installers will install your window at your doorstep without any inconvenience to you.
  • Delivery on time: We prioritize our customers’ mental peace and satisfaction. That is why, every order is delivered on time to prevent any inconvenience for you.
  • Satisfied Customers: We are top sellers of UPVC Windows in Glasgow, UK because We always ensure that our customer is satisfied with the product quality, color, and installation process.
Feel free to contact us if you’ve any sort of query about casement windows.


How do I clean and maintain my casement window?

You can easily clean your window in a few steps. Open the window, and wipe it with clean cloth, then with mild soap, and lastly rinse it properly.

Yes, they are energy efficient. But to maximize energy efficiency, buy them from a recognized company that offers you low-E coating, double glazing, and top-quality material windows.

Their average life is 20-30 years which varies upon their maintenance, material quality, and installation process.

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